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High Power Broad Area GaInAs/GaAs/GaInP Lasers Grown by CBE for Pumping Er Doped Glasses

  • Ph. Maurel (a1), J.C. Garcia (a1), J.P. Hirtz (a1), E. Vassilakis (a2), M. Baldy (a1), A. Parent (a2) and C. Carriere (a2)...


GaInAs/GaAs/GaInP multiquantum well laser structures have been grown by chemical beam epitaxy (CBE) using conventional sources (hydrides as group V element sources). Large area lasers were photolitographically defined and mounted for continuous wave (CW) measurements. CW output power levels of 600 mW at 25°C are reported from 100 μm wide, 300 μm long laser diodes without any facet treatment. At these levels, the delivered current is 2A, with an associated voltage of less than 1.7 V. The characteristic temperature of the structure is 95 K.

The same structures were then grown using tertiarybutylarsine (TBAs) and tertiarybutylphosphine (TBP). The large area laser diodes were characterized under pulsed conditions. For a 300 μm long cavity, threshold current density of 390 A/cm2 and external quantum efficiency of 0.6 W/A (2 facets) were obtained, demonstrating the suitability of TBP and TBAs as substitutes of arsine and phosphine in chemical beam epitaxy for laser fabrication.



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