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High performances and low variability of semiconducting-SWCNT thin-film-transistors achieved by shortening tube lengths

  • Takeshi Saito (a1) (a2), Shigekazu Ohmori (a1) (a2), Kazuki Ihara (a2) (a3), Yuki Kuwahara (a1) (a2) and Fumiyuki Nihey (a2) (a3)...


The tube-length distribution in the semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotube (s-SWCNT) ink extracted by the electric-field-induced layer formation (ELF) method was characterized by atomic force microscopy, which revealed that the nonionic surfactant Brij 700 adopted in ELF causes the significant and homogeneous shortening of SWCNTs compared with sodium cholate that is frequently used for the dispersion of SWCNTs as an ionic surfactant. It was found that the shortened s-SWCNTs in the semiconducting ink positively effect on the uniformity of performance among the s-SWCNT thin-film transistors.



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