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High Performance of Y-doped Sn-Zn-O Films Fabricated by Solution-process for Amorphous Thin Film Transistors

  • Yunxuan Yu (a1), Xian Gong (a1), Dong Liu (a1) (a2), Yan Wang (a1) and Jinfeng Kang (a1)...


The effect of Y dopant incorporated into ZTO with different Y ratios in Y-ZTO system on the performances of ZTO-based TFTs is investigated by using sol-gel process. The proper Y doped ZTO present both high film crystallization temperature and superior electrical properties as an active channel layer of TFTs. The fabricated YZTO-based TFTs with 11% Y show the excellent devices performance such as the channel field effect mobility of 1.756 cm2/Vs, SS of 2.13 V/dec, threshold voltage of 0.8V and on/off ratio of 3.12×106.


Corresponding author


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