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High Indium Content Ingan Films and Quantum Wells.

  • W. Van Der Stricht (a1), K. Jacobs (a1), I. Moerman (a1), P. Demeester (a1), L. Considine (a2), E. J. Thrush (a2), J. A Crawley (a2) and P. Ruterana (a3)...


InGaN films and InGaN/GaN quantum wells with high indium content have been grown by MOVPE and characterised to evaluate the growth process and the indium incorporation efficiency. The characterisation techniques include photoluminescence, DC X-ray and TEM. The closed spaced vertical rotating disk reactor configuration results in a very high Indium incorporation for InGaN material, compared to other configurations. InGaN layers with an indium composition up to 56 % have been deposited which still exhibit very good optical properties (intense PL emission). The influence of various growth conditions on the InGaN composition and quality have been investigated to optimize the layer quality. TEM diffraction patterns have shown that the ternary InGaN layer can be chemically ordered. The In and Ga atoms occupy respectively the two simple hexagonal sublattice sites related by the glide mirrors and helicoidal axes of the P6 3mc symmetry group of the wurtzite GaN.



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