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High Energy Focused Ion Beam Nanoprobes: Design and Applications

  • Gary A. Glass (a1), Bibhudutta Rout (a2), Alexander D. Dymnikov (a3), Elia V. Eschenazi (a4), Richard Greco (a5) and Daniel P. Zachry (a6)...


An overview of the present state of high energy focused ion beam (HEFIB) system technology, nanoprobe system design and specific ion beam writing applications will be presented. In particular, the combination of P-beam, heavy-ion writing and ion implantation to produce microstructures in resists and silicon will be demonstrated.

Heretofore, the development of HEFIB technology worldwide has progressed through a series of developments at independent research facilities, each having relatively narrow and mostly isolated, research purposes. However, a complete, versatile HEFIB nanoprobe system capable of both analysis and modification will require the combination of several component systems, each with specialized technology, and significant advances in the design of a complete system can only be expected from an effort that includes a coordinated development of the component parts.



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High Energy Focused Ion Beam Nanoprobes: Design and Applications

  • Gary A. Glass (a1), Bibhudutta Rout (a2), Alexander D. Dymnikov (a3), Elia V. Eschenazi (a4), Richard Greco (a5) and Daniel P. Zachry (a6)...


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