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High efficiency front-illuminated nanotube-based dye-sensitized solar cells

  • Kangle Li (a1) and Stefan Adams (a1)


A highly reproducible two-step anodization method is reported to fabricate anatase TiO2 nanotube layers. The nanotube membrane fabricated by this method is highly uniform and crack-free. Large area nanotube membranes can be transferred completely onto transparent FTO electrodes without the need for damaging ultrasonic agitation or acid treatment for application in front-illuminated nanotube-based dye-sensitized solar cells. A 16 μm thin front-illuminated nanotube-based dye-sensitized solar cell produced using this method reaches an efficiency of 6.3% under 1 sun illumination AM1.5.



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High efficiency front-illuminated nanotube-based dye-sensitized solar cells

  • Kangle Li (a1) and Stefan Adams (a1)


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