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High Dose Rate Oxygen Implantation for Formation of Silicon-on-Insulator Structures

  • E. Cortesi (a1), F. Namavar (a1), R. F. Pinizzotto (a2) and H. Yang (a2)


We have studied Separation by IMplantation of OXygen (SIMOX) processes using very high dose rates (40–60 μA/cm2). For a dose of 4 × 1017 O+/cm2 at 160 keV, the structure formed by implantation at 50 μA/cm2 is very similar to that associated with lower dose rates. The same dose implanted at a dose rate of 60 μA/cm2, however, results in the formation of pits in the silicon surface as well as a somewhat different oxide structure. Implantation through a surface oxide layer appears to result in a structure similar to that associated with lower dose rate implantation. These and higher dose samples suggest that the threshold for pit formation is related to both dose rate and dose.



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