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Heuristic Methods for Finding Ground-states of Ising Models

  • Hugues J. Lassalle (a1) and Luc T. Wille (a1)


We describe rhe application of simulated annealing and genetic algorithms to determine the ground-state of various classes of Lsing models. This problem is relevant to finding equilibrium contigurations(at zero Kelvin)of adsorbed monolayers, multi-component alloys, and magnetic systems. Because of the presence of metastable configurations (local minima) the detection of the ground-state (global minimum) is a non-trivial problem, especially in the case of complex interactions or frustrated systems. The speed of convergends analyzed for various model systems.



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Heuristic Methods for Finding Ground-states of Ising Models

  • Hugues J. Lassalle (a1) and Luc T. Wille (a1)


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