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Heterogeneous Kinetics of The Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Carbide From Methyltrichlorosilane

  • George D. Papasouliotis (a1) and Stratis V. Sotirchos (a1)


We examine the dynamic behavior of a heterogeneous reaction model for the chemical vapor deposition of carbon, silicon, and silicon carbide from the precursors generated by the thermal decomposition of methyltrichlorosilane (MTS, CH3SiCl3 ). All reactions are treated as reversible in order to account for the strong inhibitory effect of the reaction by–products on the deposition process that was observed in our experiments and in other studies. The equilibrium constants of the adsorption steps of the reactions are treated as model parameters, and those of the other reactions are calculated from the thermodynamic constants of a set of overall deposition reactions. Results are presented on the influence of the various model parameters on the reaction rate, the stoichiometry of the deposit, and the variation of these quantities with the distance in a plug flow deposition reactor.



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Heterogeneous Kinetics of The Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Carbide From Methyltrichlorosilane

  • George D. Papasouliotis (a1) and Stratis V. Sotirchos (a1)


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