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Guided Self Assembly of InAs Quantum Dots on a Cleaved Facet

  • Emanuele Uccelli (a1), Dieter Schuh (a2), Jochen Bauer (a3), Max Bichler (a4), Jonathan J. Finley (a5), Matthew Grayson (a6), Gerhard Abstreiter (a7) and Anna Fontcuberta i Morral (a8)...


The long range ordering of epitaxial semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) has been obtained by combing self assembly with the cleaved edge overgrowth technique. The introduction of nanometer thick AlAs stripes on a (110) oriented GaAs surface avoids the misfit dislocation growth mechanism of InAs on GaAs (110) and drives the formation of array of QDs. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) investigations highlight that InAs QDs only nucleate in chain like structure on Al-rich regions. Here, we present experimental results that demonstrate the ability to create ordered QDs lattices and discuss the conditions under which preferential growth of QDs on the AlAs stripes occurs.



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