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Growth Twins in YbxY1−xAl3(BO3)4 and NdxGd1−xAl(BO3)4 Crystals Observed by White-Beam Synchrotron Radiation Topography

  • X.B. Hu (a1), J.Y. Wang (a1), M. Guo (a1), S.R. Zhao (a1), B. Gong (a1), J.Q. Wei (a1) and Y.G. Liu (a1)...


Growth twins in Ybx Y1−xAl3(BO3)4 (YbYAB) and NdxGd1−xAl3(BO3)4 (NGAB) crystals were observed by white-beam synchrotron radiation topography combined with chemical etch. It was found that growth twins in YbYAB crystals are of inversion types in which two twinned pairs have the central inversion relationship. This kind of twinning was visible in x-ray topography not by ‘domain contrast’ but by ‘boundary contrast’ stemming from the kinematical x-ray diffraction at the boundary. Growth twins in NGAB crystals are of 1800 rotation types in which the twofold symmetric operation axis is parallel to the [0001] axis. This kind of twinning often shows black-and-white contrast in x-ray topography which originates from the different structure factors between twinned pairs. In addition. the formation mechanisms of growth twins are discussed.



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