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Growth Temperature Dependence of magnetoresistance in Co/Cu (111) Wedged Superlattices

  • G. R. Harp (a1), S. S. P. Parkin (a1), R. F. C. Farrow (a1), R. F. Marks (a1), M. F. Toney (a1), Q. H. Lam (a1), T. A. Rabedeau (a1), A. Cebollada (a1) and R. J. Savoy (a1)...


The Magnetoresistance of MBE deposited Co/Cu (111) superlattices as a function of Cu layer thickness is studied at various growth temperatures. Wedged superlattices are fabricated with uniform Co layers but with Cu layers whose thickness varies with position along the length of the substrate. Cu thickness is varied over the range 7–75Å. Only one Maximum M Magnetoresistance (MR) is observed for a Cu layer thickness ∼ 10Å for all growth temperatures studied (0°, 150°, 200°C). The optimal magnetoresistance values are achieved with 150°C growth temperature.



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