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Growth Studies of Heteroepitaxial Ge Films ON Si

  • D.J. Heim (a1), T.G. Holesinger (a1), K.M. Lakin (a1) and H.R. Shanks (a1)


One of the approaches to the growth of GaAs on Si substrates involves the use of a heteroepitaxial buffer layer such as Ge to reduce lattice mismatch. Recently, we have had success in growing heteroepitaxial Ge films on low temperature (275-500°C) Si substrates by the ionized cluster beam (ICB) technique. The design of a computer-controlled phase modulated ellipsometer for rapid monitoring of the initial stages of nucleation will be described. Ellipsometric data for single crystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous morphologies are reported.



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Growth Studies of Heteroepitaxial Ge Films ON Si

  • D.J. Heim (a1), T.G. Holesinger (a1), K.M. Lakin (a1) and H.R. Shanks (a1)


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