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Growth of Highly Transparent Nano-Crystalline Diamond Films by Microwave CVD

  • D. M. Bhusari (a1), K. H. Chen (a1), J. R. Yang (a2), S. T. Lin (a2), T. Y. Wang (a3) and L. C. Chen (a3)...


We report here growth of highly transparent nano-crystallinc diamond films on quartz substrates by microwave plasma enhanced CVD. Optical transmittancc of greater than 84% beyond 700 nm has been obtained for films as thick as 1 μm. Such high optical transparency of these films is primarily attributed to the high smoothness of their surface (average roughness of about 60–65 À) as well as the high content of sp 3 bonded carbon therein. The effects of methane fraction in the source gas, substrate temperature and grain size of the diamond powder used for substrate pretreatment on the structural and optical properties of these films arc also studied.



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