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Growth Mechanism of Microcrystalline Silicon Deposited by ECRCVD

  • I. Beckers (a1), E. Conrad (a1), P. Müller (a1), N. H. Nickel (a1), I. Sieber (a1) and W. Fuhs (a1)...


Microcrystalline silicon (μc-Si) films were prepared by electron cyclotron resonance assisted chemical vapor deposition (ECRCVD) using helium, argon and hydrogen dilution. The crystalline fraction was estimated from Raman backscattering spectra and scanning electron-microscopy (SEM) was used to obtain information on roughness and homogeneity of the films. For hydrogen dilution the highest crystallinity (Xc = 85 %) occurs at a ratio of ΔH = [H2]/([H2]+[SiH4])= 0.98. At the same time the deposition rate decreases continuously with increasing H2 dilution. These results are consistent with the idea that H etching promotes the growth of μc-Si. At ΔH > 0.98 a Xc decreases due to a H mediated transition of small crystallites into amorphous tissue. The implications of these results for the growth mechanisms are discussed.



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