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Growth and Doping Kinetics of GexSil-x Structures by Limited Reaction Processing

  • P.M. Garone (a1), J.C. Sturm (a1), P.V. Schwartz (a1), S.A. Schwarz (a2) and B. Wilkens (a2)...


We have investigated the growth rate and boron doping of Sil-xGex epitaxial films grown by Limited Reaction Processing The growth experiments were carried out at a pressure of 6.0 torr with growth temperatures ranging from 625°C to 1000°C. The growth rate increases rapidly upon the additon of a small germane flow to the dichlorosilane in the reaction-rate-limited growth regime, and can not be explained simply by germanium incorporation. The presence of germane can increase the silicon growth rate by up to a factor of one hundred. Boron doping was also studied at high concentrations of boron in Si and Sil-xGex epitaxial films as a function of diborane flow and growth rate supports a simple kinetic model rather than an equilibrium model.



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