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Growth and Characterization of Bulk GaN Crystals at High Pressure and High Temperature

  • M. P. D'Evelyn (a1), K. J. Narang (a1), D.-S. Park (a1), H. C. Hong (a1), M. Barber (a1), S. A. Tysoe (a1), J. Leman (a1), J. Balch (a1), V. L. Lou (a1), S. F. LeBoeuf (a1), Y. Gao (a1), J. A. Teetsov (a1), P. J. Codella (a1), P. R. Tavernier (a2), D. R. Clarke (a2) and R. J. Molnar (a3)...


We report the growth and characterization of bulk GaN single crystals by temperature-gradient recrystallization at high pressure and high temperature (HPHT), using apparatus adapted from that used to synthesize gem-grade diamond crystals. The bulk crystals are grown on seeds that were synthesized by hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) and subsequently removed from their sapphire substrate. Our largest crystals to date are 15×18 mm in diameter; however, the process is scalable to 50 mm and above. The crystals are transparent and well faceted, and dislocation densities below 100 cm−2 have been achieved. Additional characterization of the GaN crystals is also presented.



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