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Growth and Analysis of Polycrystalline Carbon for Mos Applications

  • Steven C. H. Hung (a1), Judy L. Hoyt (a1) and James F. Gibbons (a1)


Graphitic polycrystalline carbon (polycarbon) is a candidate material for gate and local interconnect applications in MOS technology. High conductivity polycrystalline carbon films have been grown using Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition. Methane is used as the carbon source gas, and boron trichloride provides the boron doping. In this work, the electrical properties of polycarbon films are studied as a function of deposition temperature, gas-phase boron-to-carbon ratio, and plasma power. A more uniform grain alignment is obtained for samples deposited at low plasma power (˜ 3 W) and high growth temperatures (˜880°C). In these highly oriented samples, the C-axis tends to be aligned parallel to the growth direction. In-plane film resistivities were obtained by Hall measurements, and it was found that the highly-oriented samples exhibit the lowest resistivity (˜300 μΩ-cm). This result is consistent with the higher in-plane mobility in single crystalline graphite. Although the presence of boron trichloride appears to be important for the growth of polycarbon at low temperatures, the boron concentration in the film does not affect the resistivity as strongly as the grain alignment.



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