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Graphene-based Nanogenerator: Experiments, Theories and Applications

  • Weiping Li (a1) (a2), Yupeng Zhang (a2) and Chunxu Pan (a1) (a2)


In addition to the piezoelectric nanogenerators and triboelectric nanogenerators, recently, the graphene-based nanogenerator has been widely concerned because of its simple assembly, flexibility and high structural stability. There are many interesting effects in graphene applied for nanogenenrators including anion adsorption in electrolyte solution, ion channels in graphene sheets network and the strain (band engineering) effect, etc. In this paper, we focus explicitly on the experimental results, mechanisms and applications of the graphene-based nanogenerator, and introduce our recent research on the graphene-based nanogenerator based on "modulation of the graphene strain-energy band effect". This nanogenerator is expected to have potential applications in active sensors and sustainable power source.



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