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Graphene Metrology Using Fluorescence Quenching of Different Fluorescent Dyes

  • Hamed Hosseini Bay (a1), Maziar Ghazinejad (a1), Miroslav Penchev (a2), Isaac Ruiz (a2), Zafer Mutlu (a3), Mihrimah Ozkan (a2) and Cengiz S. Ozkan (a1)...


The unique structure and properties of graphene initiated broad fundamental and technological research, and highlighted graphene as a new candidate for various applications such as energy storage, solar cells and electronic devices. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) has been utilized for industrial large-scale synthesis of graphene. Regardless of the synthesis process, graphene should be transferred to arbitrary substrates for different applications. The transfer processes, introduce defects such as wrinkles and cracks in graphene which compromise the properties and applications. In recent years, fundamental research has been focused on characterization of graphene to develop new techniques for large-scale, high-resolution graphene metrology. Herein, a complementary high throughput metrology technique using fluorescent quenching is further investigated for different fluorescent dyes to characterize CVD synthesized graphene.



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Graphene Metrology Using Fluorescence Quenching of Different Fluorescent Dyes

  • Hamed Hosseini Bay (a1), Maziar Ghazinejad (a1), Miroslav Penchev (a2), Isaac Ruiz (a2), Zafer Mutlu (a3), Mihrimah Ozkan (a2) and Cengiz S. Ozkan (a1)...


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