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Gold nanoparticles on nanodiamond for nanophotonic applications

  • S. Orlanducci (a1), I. Cianchetta (a1), E. Tamburri (a1), M.L. Terranova (a1), M. C. Cassani (a2), R. Matassa (a3) and M. Rossi (a3)...


We present here some recent results of a research focused on the preparation of detonation nanodiamond/Au nanoparticles hybrid materials. Two different experimental routes are followed for the decoration of diamond nanoparticles by Au nanoparticles, that are in turn prepared by an innovative electroless approach.

Structure and morphology at the nanoscale level of the Au-on-nanodiamond deposits have been deeply investigated by electron microscopy (FE-SEM, HR-TEM) and diffraction (XRD) techniques.

Optical properties of these systems have been determined by performing scattering and UV-Vis absorption measurements, and by comparing the experimental data with simulated extinction spectra. The results highlighted very interesting plasmonic and scattering behaviors, mainly related to the high refractive index of diamond.



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17. PDF card n° 4–784


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