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Giant Magnetoresistance Calculated from First Principles

  • W. H. Butler (a1), James M. MacLaren (a2) and X.-G. Zhang (a3)


The Layer Korringa Kohn Rostoker-Coherent Potential Approximation technique was used to calculate the low temperature Giant Magnetoresistance from first principles for Co|Cu and permalloy|Cu superlattices. Our calculations predict large giant Magnetoresis-tance ratios for Co|Cu and extremely large ratios for permalloy|Cu for current perpendicular to the layers. Mechanisms such as spin-orbit coupling which mix spin channels are expected to greatly reduce the GMR effect for permalloy|Cu.



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Giant Magnetoresistance Calculated from First Principles

  • W. H. Butler (a1), James M. MacLaren (a2) and X.-G. Zhang (a3)


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