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GexSil-x Layers Grown by Rapid Thermal Processing Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • K. H. Jung (a1), Y. M. Kim (a1), H. G. Chun (a1), D. L. Kwong (a1) and L. Rabenberg (a2)...


Rapid thermal processing chemical vapor deposition was used to grow single and multilaye repitaxial GexSil-x/Si structures on (100)Si substrates using GeH4 and SiH2Cl2 at 900°C and 1000°C with SiH2Cl2:GeH4 ratios of 14:1 to 95:1 at 5 Torr. Misfit dislocation free layers with few threading dislocations were grown for Ge concentrations of up to 13%. Misfit dislocation networks aligned along <110> were formed at the interface of films with higher Ge concentrations. Dislocation loops were also found at the interface. GexSil-x layers grown at 1000°C were highly crystalline, but relaxed. In multi-layer structures, AES depth profiles showed Ge pile-up at the GexSi1-x/Si interface of layers with higher Ge concentrations.



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