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Ge and Gesl Heteroepitaxy on Si(100) by MBE

  • D. C. Houghton (a1), J.-M. Baribeau (a1), P. Maigne (a1), T. E. Jackman (a1), I. C. Bassignana (a2), C. C. Tan (a2) and R. Holt (a3)...


We have grown a series of Ge and graded Si1-xGex epilayers on (100)Si substrates by MBE under different conditions. The quality of the layers has been characterized by cross-sectional TEM, Rutherford backscattering/ channeling and x-ray diffraction. This work addresses the optimization of growth temperature, (300–700°C) an evaluation of compositional grading, the effect of the incorporation of strained layer superlattice dislocation filters and post growth anneal cycles. Particular attention has been paid to grading GexSi1-x, x = 0 to 1 and the growth morphology of intermediate alloy epilayers.



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