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Gas Phase and Surface Kinetics of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Growth in Pecvd Reactors

  • Maurizio Masi (a1), Carlo Cavallotti (a1) and Sergio Carrà (a1)


The surface and gas-phase kinetic of deposition of diamond-like carbon films (DLC) obtained in plasma reactors using methane as precursor was here investigated. Kinetic constants of electronic reactions were evaluated using experimental ionization and neutral dissociation cross sections and the Druyvestein electron distribution function. Kinetic constants for ionic and neutral reactions were found in the literature. Surface reactions were divided into processes involving the impingement of gas-phase radicals or ions from the plasma and desorption or recombination reactions of adsorbed surface species. The kinetic constants of the former processes were evaluated.from the ambipolar theory or from the kinetic theory of gases, while the other kinetic constants were determined from analogy with hydrocarbon chemistry. The exception is the desorption of adsorbed methyl radicals, whose kinetic constant was fitted over experimental data. The predictivity of the model was tested through the simulation of three reactors described in the literature widely differing for operating conditions.



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Gas Phase and Surface Kinetics of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Growth in Pecvd Reactors

  • Maurizio Masi (a1), Carlo Cavallotti (a1) and Sergio Carrà (a1)


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