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Gas Permeation Characteristics and Stability of Composite Silica-Metal Oxide Membranes

  • Masashi Asaeda (a1), Masakoto Kanezashi (a1), Tomohisa Yoshioka (a1) and Toshinori Tsuru (a1)


In order to improve the stability of silica membranes against water (vapor) some metal oxides were added to silica to obtain composite silica-metal oxide membranes by the sol-gel techniques. A Ni-doped silica membrane (Ni/Si=1/2) fired at 500°C showed a relatively large permeance of 1.5×10−5 [m3(STP)/(m2skPa)] with selectivity of 350 (H2/CH4), 4200 (H2/SF6) at 200°C and 100 (CO2/CH4) at 35 °C. After leaving the membrane in humid air (RH: 60%, 40°C) for 70 days, the permeance of H2 decreased by about 50% but the selectivity was improved to 930 for H2/CH4. And little change was observed in the activation energy for H2 permeation, while under the same conditions a silica membrane showed a quite large change in the activation energy from 3.1kJ/mol to 14kJ/mol. There is a possibility that metal oxides added to silica help prevent the densification of silica networks through which hydrogen and helium molecules can permeate.



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