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Gap States in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon—Carbon Alloys

  • P. Fiorini (a1), F. Evangelisti (a1) and A. Frova (a1)


Tail and defect states in the gap of a-SixCl-x:H alloys have been studied by measurements of spectral photoconductivity. The variation of defect—state density versus x is found to be negligible. By comparison with PDS results the ητ product has been determined and found to be almost independent of photonenergy and to strongly decrease with inclusion of carbon. This effect is attributed to changes in the transport mechanism combined with an increased recombination rate associated with the widening of the gap.



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Gap States in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon—Carbon Alloys

  • P. Fiorini (a1), F. Evangelisti (a1) and A. Frova (a1)


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