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GaN HEMT Drain-Lag Performance Dependence on GaN Channel Quality

  • Yoichi Kamada (a1), Naoya Okamoto (a1), Masaru Sato (a1), Atsushi Yamada (a1), Junji Kotani (a1), Tetsuro Ishiguro (a1), Toshihiro Ohki (a1), Shirou Ozaki (a1), Kozo Makiyama (a1), Keiji Watanabe (a1) and Kazukiyo Joshin (a1)...


In this study, we investigated GaN channel layer quality to suppress drain-lag, which is an important parameter for switching performance. In this experiment, we confirmed that drain-lag performance has dependence on the tilt of the GaN channel layer. GaN channel layer with the tilt angle of 243 arcsec showed faster drain-lag recovery than the tilt angle of 209 arcsec. The results of the drain-lag test and isolation leakage current measurement indicated that the tilt angle and hopping distance contributed to drain-lag recovery. We proposed the mechanism of trap effect during the drain-lag test.



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