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GaN epilayers and AlGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells grown on freestanding [1100] oriented GaN substrates

  • C. Q. Chen (a1), M. E. Gaevski (a1), W. H. Sun (a1), E. Kuokstis (a1), J. W. Yang (a1), G. Simin (a1), M. A Khan (a1), H. P. Maruska (a2), D. W. Hill (a2), M. M. C. Chou (a2), J. J. Gallagher (a2), B. H Chai (a2), J. H. Song (a3), M. Y. Ryu (a3) and P. W. Yu (a3)...


We report on the homoepitaxial growth of GaN on freestanding [1100] oriented GaN substrates using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. A proper pretreatment of the substrates was found to be essential for the GaN homoepitaxy. The influence of growth conditions such as V/III molar-ratio and temperature on the surface morphology and optical properties of epilayers was investigated. Optimized pretreatment and growth conditions led to high quality [1100] oriented GaN epilayers with a smooth surface morphology and strong band-edge emission. These layers also exhibited strong room temperature stimulated emission under high intensity pulsed optical pumping. Based on these GaN epilayer, AlGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells have been grown on the freestanding M-plane GaN. Photoluminescence data confirm that built-in electric field for M-plane structures is very weak, and this situation results in a stronger PL intensity in comparison with C-plane multiple quantum wells in tests at low excitation level.



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