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GaAsN Thin Film Growth by Chemical Beam Epitaxy with Source Gas Flow Rate Modulation

  • Yoshio Ohshita (a1), Kenji Saito (a2), Kenichi Nishimura (a3), Toshihide Suzuki (a4) and Masafumi Yamaguchi (a5)...


The amount of residual carbon in the GaAsN film deposited by chemical beam epitaxy (CBE) is decreased by the flow rate modulation growth method (FM-CBE). The number of carbon atoms remained in the grown film increases as the growth temperature decreases. At low temperatures below 440°C, the carbon atoms are mainly originated from the nitrogen source gas mono-methylhydrazine. However, increasing the substrate temperature during the growth causes the deterioration of film qualities and the high growth temperature is not the solution for reducing the impurities. On the other hand, by intermitting the supply of gallium source triethylgallium while the arsenic and nitrogen sources are continuously supplied, the carbon concentration drastically decreases as compared with that grown by the conventional CBE growth. The results of temperature programmed desorption and ab initio calculations suggest that the desorption of adsorbates that contain C atom, such as, NHCH3, is enhanced by the FM-CBE growth, resulting in the decrease of the residual C concentration.



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