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GaAs Quantum Dots by MOCVD

  • Takashi Fukui (a1) and Seigo Ando (a1)


New GaAs quantum dots called tetrahedral quantum dots (TQDs) were fabricated using selective area metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). GaAs sub-micron crystals were completely buried in AlGaAs with single growth run without any processing damage at heterojunction interface. The substrates were SiO2 masked (111)B GaAs, which are partially etched free of SiO2 over triangular area using electron beam lithograpy and reactive ion etching techniques. First, truncated tetrahedral AlGaAs buffer layers with {110} facet sidewalls were grown in triangular area. Next, GaAs TQDs were sequentially grown on the top of AlGaAs. Finally, AlGaAs layers were overgrown on the resulting tetrahedral structures. The shape of GaAs tetrahedron was measured by an atomic force microscope(AFM). The size of bottom triangle of GaAs TQDs were estimated to be 20 nm. The size fluctuation was about 2%, which means that uniformity of selective area growth is excellent. Photoluminescence of GaAs TQDs buried in AlGaAs was measured at 8.5K. A clear emission peak from GaAs TQDs was observed at 810 nm. The energy shift from the GaAs emission peak is 19meV, which agrees well with the calculation. The results suggest that the selective area MOCVD method is very promising to fabricate GaAs quantum dots.



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GaAs Quantum Dots by MOCVD

  • Takashi Fukui (a1) and Seigo Ando (a1)


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