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Functionalized Guanidines for Electro-Optic Materials.

  • Nicholas Buker (a1), Kimberly A. Firestone (a1), Marnie Haller (a2), Lafe Purvis (a1), David Lao (a1), Robert Snoeberger (a1), Alex K.-Y. Jen (a2) and Larry R. Dalton (a1)...


A family of nonlinear optical chromophores has been synthesized containing novel donor systems based on functionalized guanidines. Chromophores utilizing these donor systems display superior transparency and stability properties. The unusual and highly desirable characteristics of these chromophores make them very promising candidates for electro-optic applications. Systematic study of the molecular hyperpolarizabilities and bulk electro-optic properties of polymers containing these chromophores is being used to guide optimization of these systems.



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