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Fullerenes Doped with Thallium Alloys

  • M. Kraus (a1), M. Baenitz (a1), S. GÄrtner (a1), H.M. Vieth (a1), H. Werner (a2), R. SchlÖgl (a2), W. KrÄtschmer (a3), M. Kanowski (a1), V. Thommen (a4), H.-J. GÜntherodt (a4) and K. LÜders (a1)...


Prompted by earlier work showing that graphite intercalation compounds form superconducting ternary compounds in which thallium plays an important role C60 has been doped with Tl-alloys. Results of dc-magnetization, ac-susceptibility, X-ray analysis and NMR investigations will be presented.



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