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Full-Contact Type Linear Image Sensor by Amorphous Silicon

  • Masaki Hayase (a1) and Hirotaka Arita (a1)


A new type of the contact linear image sensor array using amorphous silicon photodiodes has been developed. The new device, namely “Full Contact” type, linear image sensor, has a pinhole of 60 µm in diameter at the center of the amorphous silicon photodiode pixel. With this structure, the focusing lens can be removed and the optical path can be reduced by about one half as compared with an ordinary facsimile scanner. Eventually the device becomes quite compact in volume and production process are rather simple, result in low cost. LED driven 1728 pixels for A4 size and 2048 pixels for B4 size devices with the resolution of 8 dots/mm have been developed so far. A series of technical data for the development of devices and their operational performance are presented and discussed.



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