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FTIR Studies of CH3OH on Porous Silicon

  • John A. Glass (a1), Edward A. Wovchko (a1) and John T. Yates (a1)


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) was used to investigate the reaction of methanol with porous silicon and hydrogen passivated porous silicon. At 300 K methanol adsorbs onto hydrogen free porous silicon by cleavage of the O-H bond. Both of the resulting surface species, Si-H and Si-OCH3, were determined to be stable up to ∼500 K. Above 500 K the Si-OCH3 moiety decomposes by breakage of the C-O and C-H bonds. The resulting carbon and oxygen were incorporated into the porous layer and additional Si-H surface species were detected. Further heating to 900 K removed the Si-H surface species. Adsorption of methanol onto hydrogen-passivated porous silicon did not occur until 600 K. At temperatures beyond 600 K, oxygen and carbon incorporation into the porous layer and Si-OCH3, Si-CH3, and Si-H surface species were seen. The previously unseen Si-CH3 surface species is believed to be stabilized by oxygen incorporation.



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FTIR Studies of CH3OH on Porous Silicon

  • John A. Glass (a1), Edward A. Wovchko (a1) and John T. Yates (a1)


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