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The Frictional Resistance to Sliding of a SiC Fiber in a Brittle Matix

  • T. P. Weihs (a1), C. M. Dick (a1) and W. D. Nix (a1)


The frictional resistance to sliding of a SiC fiber in a brittle, ceramic matrix has been measured with two different experimental techniques. Both techniques utilize a load-controlled indentation instrument. In the first technique, the ends of individual fibers are displaced down into the matrix. The frictional resistance to sliding, τ, was calculated using the elastic model of Marshall and Oliver and the load-displacement data. Alternatively, fibers have been displaced along their complete lengths through thin sections of the matrix. The critical force for complete slip and the sample geometry determined τ for a given fiber. For this technique slip over the complete length of a fiber was verified by the protrusion of that fiber from the bottom of the sample. By inverting the sample and loading the protruding fiber, the frictional resistance to reverse sliding was also measured. The results obtained from the two complementary techniques are in general agreement.



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The Frictional Resistance to Sliding of a SiC Fiber in a Brittle Matix

  • T. P. Weihs (a1), C. M. Dick (a1) and W. D. Nix (a1)


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