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Fracture Mechanisms in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

  • C. Rodríguez (a1) (a2) (a3), M. Hinojosa (a1) (a2), J. Aldaco (a1) (a2) and A. Cázares (a1) (a2) (a3)


In this work we report the fractographic study of polymer matrix composites specimens reinforced with glass and carbon fibers. Specimens of a polyester matrix composite with 30% of E-glass fibers are prepared and fractured in flexure mode. We also test an epoxy matrix composite with 30% carbon fibers, which is fractured in flexure mode. All specimens are manufactured based on the D790 ASTM standard for bending mode at room temperature. As an exception, the composites with epoxy matrix and reinforced with carbon fiber are cured in an autoclave. The most commonly observed fracture mechanisms are debonding in the interphase, delamination, Chevron lines, microbuckling, river patterns and radial fracture on the fibers.



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