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Formation of Well-Separated Buried and Surface Nickel-Silicide Layers in a Single Ion Implantation Step

  • M. F. Wu (a1), J. De Wachter (a2), P. Hendrickx (a2), H. Pattyn (a2), A. M. Van Bavel (a2), G. Langouche (a2), J. Vanhellemont (a3), H. Bender (a3), M. Maenhoudt (a4) and Y. Bruynseraede (a4)...


An unusual Ni distribution with two completely separated buried and surface suicide layers has been observed after Ni ion implantation in Si(111) kept at a temperature of 300° C, with a dose of 1.1 × 1017/cm2 and at a fixed energy of 90 keV. RBS/channeling, AES and cross-sectional TEM have been used to study this phenomenon as a function of the substrate temperature and Co co4mplantation. A model is presented, based on the diffusion of the transition metal, the defect annealing during the implantation, and the gettering power of the surface and the end of range defects.



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