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Formation of Shallow Energy Levels in Mn+ Implanted GaAs with Extremely Low Background Impurity Concentration

  • Honglie Shen, Yunosuke Makita (a1), Akimasa Yamada (a1), Shigeru Niki (a1), Tsutomu Iida (a1), Hajime Shibata (a1), Paul Fons (a1) and Akira Obara (a1)...


Manganese ions implantation into ultrapure GaAs layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy were investigated by photoluminescence technique systematically in a wide range of manganese concentration up to 1×1020cm-3. Five shallow emission bands denoted by (Mn°, X), “G”, “G' “ “H” and (D, A)2 are formed in the implanted layers in addition to the well known Mn impurity related emission at ~880nm. With increasing manganese concentration to 1×1019cm-3, “G” exhibits no energy shift, suggesting that “G” is different from the behavior of [g-g] emission that is commonly formed in shallow acceptor (such as C) incorporated ultrapure GaAs. (Mn°, X), “G” and “G' “ present no energy shift with increasing excitation intensity, while “H” and (D, A)2 indicate peak energy shift greatly showing typical donor-acceptor pair characteristics. “G” and (Mn°, X) are found to hold similar radiative origin which is different from “G”. Temperature dependence measurement reveals that emission “G” has a thermal activation energy of 5.4meV.


Corresponding author

Science and Technology Agency fellowship scientist. On leave from Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Academia Sinica, Shanghai 200050, China.


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