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Formation of New Semiconducting Ge-Si-Fe Alloy on Si(100) and its Optical Properties

  • H. Chen (a1), P. Han (a1), X.D. Huang (a1), L.Q. Hu (a1), Y. Shi (a1) and Y.D. Zheng (a1)...


We report a new semiconducting Ge-Si-Fe alloy thin film grown on Si(100) by reactive deposition epitaxy(RDE) using high vacuum evaporation technique. AES and XRD results show that the new alloy can be regarded as a distorted β-FeSi2 with the Ge participation. The direct band gap of the Ge-Si-Fe alloy was determined to be 0.83eV by optical transmission measurement, which means a red shift of band gap compared with that of β-FeSi2 (Eg=0.87eV).



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