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Formation of Metastable Disordered Ni3Al by Pulsed Laser Induced Rapid Solidification

  • Jeffrey A. West (a1), James T. Manos (a1) and Michael J. Aziz (a1)


Thin films of Ni3Al formed by co-evaporation onto insulating substrates form a single phase fcc disordered lattice upon rapid solidification following excimer laserinduced melting with an interface velocity of ~4 m/s. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and x-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses exhibit no superlattice diffraction at room temperature. Resistivity measurements, indicating that the disordered phase has a higher resistivity and much smaller temperature coefficient at room temperature than the stable ordered (L12) phase, permit us to monitor phase changes and ordering on a fast time-scale. Subsequent annealing recovers long-range order, with resistivity measurements indicating that reordering begins just below 300°C.



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Formation of Metastable Disordered Ni3Al by Pulsed Laser Induced Rapid Solidification

  • Jeffrey A. West (a1), James T. Manos (a1) and Michael J. Aziz (a1)


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