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Formation of Ga2O3 barrier layer in Cu(InGa)Se2 superstrate devices with ZnO buffer layer

  • Jes K. Larsen (a1), Peipei Xin (a1) and William N. Shafarman (a1)


The junction formation when Cu(InGa)Se2 is deposited onto ZnO in a superstrate configuration (glass/window/buffer/Cu(InGa)Se2/contact) is investigated by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and analysis of device behavior. When Cu(InGa)Se2 is deposited on ZnO, a Ga2O3 layer is formed at the interface. Approaches to avoid the formation of this unfavorable interlayer are investigated. This includes modifications of the process to reduce the thermal load during deposition and improvement of the thermal stability of the ZnO buffer layer. It was demonstrated that both lowering of the substrate deposition temperature and deposition of the ZnO buffer layer at elevated temperature limits the Ga2O3 formation. The presence of Ga2O3 at the junction does affect the device behavior, resulting in a kink in JV curves measured under illumination. This behavior is absent in devices with limited Ga2O3 formation.



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Formation of Ga2O3 barrier layer in Cu(InGa)Se2 superstrate devices with ZnO buffer layer

  • Jes K. Larsen (a1), Peipei Xin (a1) and William N. Shafarman (a1)


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