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Formation of Continuous Nanometer PtSi Thin Film on Si by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)

  • Meicheng Li (a1), Xuekang Chen (a2), Jing Wang (a2), Jianping Yang (a2), Zhanxu Lei (a2), Gan Wu (a2) and Liancheng Zhao (a1)...


Metal-based silicides on silicon substrates are a widely used material system for infrared detection. PtSi/p-Si infrared Schottky barrier detectors (IRSBD) have become one of the most successful photoemisive infrared detectors. Till now, most of the efforts have been focused on the design of two dimensional PtSi-SBD arrays for the infrared (IR) camera. In this paper, we discussed the formation conditions of PtSi. Qualities are compared for PtSi films prepared at different conditions including different annealing sequences, annealing time, film thickness, and annealing ambient using pulsed laser deposition on various temperature substrates. Film structures and compositions, phase's formation using different processes are analyzed. By studying the kinetics of PtSi formation during various annealing processing, preferable preparing conditions are proposed to form the continuous PtSi ultra-thin film on Si substrate by PLD.



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Formation of Continuous Nanometer PtSi Thin Film on Si by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)

  • Meicheng Li (a1), Xuekang Chen (a2), Jing Wang (a2), Jianping Yang (a2), Zhanxu Lei (a2), Gan Wu (a2) and Liancheng Zhao (a1)...


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