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Formation of Buried Oxide in Mev Oxygen Implanted Silicon

  • C.W. Nieh (a1), F. Xiong (a1), C. C. Ahn (a1), Z. Zhou (a1), D. N. Jamieson (a1), T. Vreeland (a1), B. Fultz (a1) and T. A. Tombrello (a1)...


We have studied the formation of buried oxide in MeV oxygen implanted Si. A continuous oxide layer is formed in the samples implanted with 2x1018/cm2 oxygen and annealed at 1300° C. The microstructures are studied by cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy and high resolution electron microscopy. Chemical information was obtained by electron energy loss spectroscopy. The effects of implantation temperature are studied. Implantation at a low substrate temperature leads to a well-defined buried SiO2 layer, inhibits the formation of oxide precipitates in the silicon, and reduces silicon inclusions in the SiO2.



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