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Formation of antimony 1D-nanostructures on Si (5 5 12) surface

  • S. M. Shivaprasad (a1), Mahesh Kumar (a1), Amish G. Joshi (a1) and Vinod Kumar Paliwal (a1) (a2)


Of late, high index Si surfaces like, (5 5 12) are being explored for the formation of 1D nanostructures in the form of nanowires or chains. The surface topography of Si (5 5 12) presents an unique template for the growth of 1D nanostructures. In this paper we report the adsorption-desorption studies of Sb onto (2×1) reconstructed surface of Si (5 5 12). Motivated by our earlier studies of adsorption/desorption of Sb on low index surfaces (001) and (111), studying the interaction on high index surface like (5 5 12) is found to be interesting. The experiments have been performed in UHV with in-situ growth and probed by using AES, LEED and EELS techniques. The uptake curve shows initially a simultaneous multilayer growth of Sb up to 4 ML and then at 20 ML the entire Si surface is covered by Sb. The LEED patterns show a disorder during growth at RT above 1 ML. EELS studies at 250 eV, primary beam energy show that as the adsorption proceeds the features of bulk Sb start appearing above 4ML coverage. However, the bulk Sb features are not complete until a high enough coverage of Sb (˜20ML) which suggests the existence of the primary rows up to a higher coverage. Annealing studies have also been performed on the RT adsorbed system, to study the residual thermal desorption characteristics. Annealing the system to about 7900C results in Si (337) facets at a low coverage of 0.2 ML. The anisotropy in the LEED spots suggests an ordered Sb adsorption along (1 10) and a local disorder in the (665 ) direction. Thus we provide evidence for the formation of a zig-zag 1D-nanowire of Sb grown on the (5 5 12). The new phase is also accompanied by forming a dangling bond state at 3 eV in EELS.



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