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Formation of β-and α-FeSi2 Films on (100) Silicon using Fe-Si and Fe-Ti-Si Diffusion Couples

  • K. Kyllesbech Larsen (a1), A. Lauwers (a1), K. Maex (a1) and M. Van Rossum (a1)


An investigation of the influence of an intermediate titanium thin film on the silicidation reaction between an overlying iron film and the (100)-oriented silicon substrate is presented. The Fe-Ti bilayers were obtained by consecutive sputtering of a Ti layer and an Fe layer on Si substrates. In addition, single iron layers were made by sputtering for comparison with the bilayers. By subsequent rapid-thermnal processing (RTP), depending on the annealing conditions, both the semiconducting β- and the metallic α-FeSi2 thin films could be formed. The phase formation has been investigated as a function of the thickness of the titanium layer, the annealing time and temperature. In this paper the first results on iron disilicide formation through Fe-Ti-Si diffusion couples are shown. Characterisation of the FeSi2 layers using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS), channelling RBS, X-ray diffraction (XRD), sheet resistivity measurements will be presented.



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