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The Formation of Abrupt N+ Doping Profiles Using Atomic Hydrogen and Sb During Si MBE

  • P.E. Thompson (a1), C. Silvestre (a2), M. Twigg (a1), G. Jernigan (a1) and D.S. Simons (a3)...


Previously, atomic hydrogen has been shown to be effective in reducing the segregation of Sb on Si(100) during solid source molecular beam epitaxy growth. In this work we have investigated the electrical activation of the Sb. Using Hall measurements, spreading resistance profilometry, and secondary ion mass spectrometry, we have demonstrated that the co-deposition of atomic hydrogen during Sb doping of Si at 500°C produced well-defined doping spikes. Comparing the sheet carrier concentration obtained by Hall measurements to the Sb atomic concentration obtained by SIMS, the overall activation of the Sb was greater than 50%.



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