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Flexible a-Si:H-based Image Sensors Fabricated by Digital Lithography

  • William S. Wong (a1), TseNga Ng (a2), Michael L. Chabinyc (a3), Rene A. Lujan (a4), Raj B. Apte (a5), Sanjiv Sambandan (a6), Scott Limb (a7) and Robert A. Street (a8)...


Amorphous silicon-based x-ray image sensor arrays were fabricated on poly-ethylene naphthalate substrates at process temperatures below 180°C. Patterning of the thin-film transistor backplane was accomplished using ink-jet printed etch masks. The sensor devices were found to be comparable to high-temperature processed devices. The integration of the sensor stack, TFT array and PEN substrate resulted in a flexible x-ray image sensor with 180×180 pixels with 75 dpi resolution.



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