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A Flexible Accelerometer System for Human Pulse Monitoring

  • Yuanfeng Zhang (a1) and Woo Soo Kim (a1)


Here we introduce a cost-effective and highly sensitive flexible accelerometer system, which can sense human pulse by detecting the pulsation. The accelerometer employs capacitive sensing with a structure of two parallel plate electrodes with the optimally designed top electrode pattern in order to achieve high sensitivity. This flexible light-weight sensor is fabricated by direct-printing of silver nano-inks on pre-patterned flexible paper substrates. When the accelerometer is attached to the body surfaces: neck, inner elbow, or any other pulsation point, accurate pulse rates are obtained by reading out the voltage output signal.



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A Flexible Accelerometer System for Human Pulse Monitoring

  • Yuanfeng Zhang (a1) and Woo Soo Kim (a1)


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