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First-principles study of point defects in cerium dioxide and comparison to uranium dioxide

  • Lei Shi (a1), Emerson Vathonne (a1), Michel Freyss (a1), Marjorie Bertolus (a1), Vincent Oison (a2) and Roland Hayn (a2)...


Uranium dioxide, as the standard nuclear fuel in pressurized water reactors, motivates intensive research to get further insight into the link between radiation damage and microstructure evolution of the material. Cerium dioxide is often considered as a non-radioactive model material for uranium dioxide, for which the experimental study of radiation damage could be performed more easily. Using first-principles calculations based on the density functional theory (DFT) and its DFT+U variant, we compare these two oxides in terms of point defect formation.



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First-principles study of point defects in cerium dioxide and comparison to uranium dioxide

  • Lei Shi (a1), Emerson Vathonne (a1), Michel Freyss (a1), Marjorie Bertolus (a1), Vincent Oison (a2) and Roland Hayn (a2)...


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